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Since 2008, we’ve helped all kinds of companies grow their sales

About us

Established in 2010, Com.nl embarked on a mission to expand the possibilities in the domain name market, particularly for the Dutch community. Based in the Netherlands, we have been tirelessly working to broaden the domain name spectrum and have successfully established collaborations with several prominent parties in the industry.


Com.nl was born from a simple wish: to offer more possibilities in the world of domain names. We noticed that many good names were already taken, and businesses and individuals were looking for new opportunities. That’s why we launched Com.nl.

With a team full of passion and expertise, we’ve committed ourselves to making unique and fresh domain names available. Com.nl and Net.nl are wonderful examples of this. These domains give everyone the chance to create their own online space that truly resonates with them. Our journey began with the dream of making the internet a bit more expansive and personal, and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far.


Technically, these extensions operate as second top-level domains. However, for practical purposes, they work as top-level domains, similar to .nl or .com. You or your registrar have full control over the name server, which can be linked to any desired website or email account, such as www.domainname.com.nl and info@domainname.net.nl.

Here at Com.nl, we are committed to offering you a platform where finding the perfect domain name is simplified, and managing it is a breeze.

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