Why register a COM.NL and/or NET.NL domain name?

The COM.NL and .NET.NL offer you a wide availability of domain names with Dutch/international character.

What characters can a domain name contain?

Names may contain only the following characters:
The letters a – z
The numbers 0 – 9
The hyphen (-)
A domain contains a minimum of 2 letters and/or digits, a maximum of 63 characters and may not begin or end with the hyphen. Please note that the COM.NL Registry does not currently support IDN.

Who can register a domain name?

Registration is open to any company and to any (private) individual. No local presence is required to register a .com.nl or .net.nl domain.

What about brand names and trade names?

By law, you may not violate the rights of third parties. This of course also applies when you register a domain name. See the regulations for this.
COM.NL BV will not be a party in disputes. You are responsible yourself and we will always act according to the judge’s ruling when a dispute has been decided.
Upon completion of your order, you must accept the terms and conditions and indemnification for .COM.NL BV.

What is the registration timeline?

The minimum term 1 year.

Is the holder data visible in the Whois information?

The registrant can choose to have his or her data visible in the Whois information of a domain name

I already have a domain name. So how do I use the COM.NL or .NET.NL?

If you register a name, you can link it to an already existing site at no extra cost by setting up a so-called ‘redirect’. Of course, the .COM.NL or .NET.NL can also be registered as the ‘main site’. For example:www.domainname.com.nl

Can I register a name directly myself?

Yes, you can register directly without going through a provider. After registration, you will receive a link to the ‘management tool’ for referring website and/or mail that you purchase from a hosting provider. If you prefer the provider to take care of everything, ask them to register the domain name on your behalf and take care of the DNS. You will have the advantage that one administrative point remains because the provider will then invoice you directly. The provider will also ensure that the renewal is done in a timely manner. Keep in mind that a provider is free to set the price it wants to charge the customer. If this price is higher than the amounts on this site it obviously relates to the service, convenience and effort it provides to you.

I only need the name for email, is that possible?

Technically, this extension is a second toplevel, but practically it works like a toplevel like the .NL or the .COM. You or your registrar manage the nameserver that links to any website or mail account you want. For example: www.domeinnaam.com.nl and info@domeinnaam.com.nl.

Can I reserve the name for now?

No problem, you can use the name directly but you can also ‘park’ it. Parking a name can be useful to prevent someone else from registering the name or to ensure availability for projects that are still “on the shelf. To ‘park’ the domain name is to register it without activating a DNS service. So the name is exclusively in your name and is blocked from registration by third parties. Cost, policy, etc. is the same. You do not need to indicate this when ordering. The link for DNS referral is sent automatically, but you can then leave it untouched. (Do save the link for possible future use).

Can I pay the invoice online?

We will send an invoice by email. You can pay this safely and online via iDEAL or PayPal.

Can I use the domain name before I have paid?

A payment via iDEAL or PayPal is processed immediately. After payment approval, your domain name is active.

What is the price of a .com.nl and .net.nl?

The normal price of a domain name is €9.50 per year per domain (excluding VAT) when registered directly on this site. The price with your provider may be different. Your provider is free to set the price.

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