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Registration policy

Characters of a .com.nl domain name: The names may only contain these characters: The letters a – z The digits 0 – 9 The hyphen (-) A domain must contain at least 2 letters and/or digits and a maximum of 63 characters, and may not begin or end with the hyphen. Please note that the COM.NL and .NET.NL Registry currently does not support IDN.

Registration Policy: The .com.nl and .net.nl have a free registration policy, both nationally and internationally. Minors must have prior permission from their parent/guardian who will be responsible for compliance with the provisions set by .Com.nl BV.

Exclusions: It is not allowed to infringe trademark rights. If you register a .com.nl or a .net.nl and it turns out to be infringing on a trademark older than the registration, you are obliged to transfer the name to the rightful owner without legal proceedings. Only municipalities and government agencies are allowed to register a .com.nl or .net.nl identical to the municipality name and/or name of the government agency. Names directly related to criminal activities. Names that harm the exploitation of the .com.nl and .net.nl. Several names are blocked for registration.

Duration and Extension: The .com.nl and .net.nl are registered for a duration of 1 year with an extension of 1 year each time. The extension will be announced by email 1 month before the extension date. On the extension date, the new term of 1 year starts. The option to automatically extend is optionally available.

Payment: Payment is made annually in advance. Payment can only be made via iDEAL, PayPal or deposit. Once the payment is approved, the name is activated.

Extension/Termination: The .com.nl and .net.nl have an active extension policy. Meaning: You will receive a notification email 3 times before the termination. By responding to this email, you can extend the name. Payment options again are PayPal and iDEAL. It is therefore very important to keep your contact email address up to date. If you have not extended the name, the name will be in quarantine for 30 days after which the name will be released.

Reactivating from Quarantine: If you have unintentionally let the name expire, you can reactivate the name from quarantine by clicking on the link in your login. The costs for reactivation are € 50,- excl. VAT. After payment, the name is reactivated.

Termination: Termination occurs automatically if you do not respond to the notification email. The name will be automatically released after 30 days.

Bankruptcy: In the unlikely event of a bankruptcy of a registrar managing a domain name on behalf of others, the domain name will remain in quarantine for 3 months and will be activated at a reduced rate, after which the costs are charged directly to the holder at the rate mentioned on the website. The holder then receives the management environment details for mutations, etc.

Change of Holder: The holder data can be changed via the EPP in the management environment.

Other Mutations: Other mutations can be performed via the EPP in the management environment.

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